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Tracking object with neural networks »

Eugenio Culurciello

How do you track an object moving in space?

Neuromorphic computer vision: overcoming 3D limitations »

Ryad Benosman

A complete stereovision event-based framework to compute depth uses the output of two asynchronous, stimulus-based silicon retinas.
Object recognition in mobile robots »

Massimiliano Versace

If you want to design robots able to interact to the real world in a useful way, you will eventually bump into the problem of implementing robust object recognition... This post describes work done the Neuromorphics Lab, using the Cog Ex Machina software platform to recognize objects in an iRobot Create platform.

On spike-timing-dependent-plasticity, memristive devices, and building a self-learning visual cortex »

Carlos Zamarreño-Ramos, Luis A. Camuñas-Mesa, Jose A. Pérez-Carrasco, Timothée Masquelier, Teresa Serrano-Gotarredona, and Bernabé Linares-Barranco

In this paper we are linking one type of memristor nanotechnology devices to the biological synaptic update rule known as spike-time-dependent-plasticity (STDP) found in real biological synapses. This allows neuromorphic engineers to develop circuit architectures that use this type of memristors to artificially emulate parts of the visual cortex.

Vision sensor with brightness constancy: towards neuromorphic color vision »

Kazuhiro Shimonomura and Tetsuya Yagi

A wide-dynamic-range active-pixel-sensor-based silicon retina with both sustained and transient channels exhibits almost an constant response to variation in illumination.


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