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Brain building 101: advances in large-scale neural simulation »

Chris Eliasmith

The construction of the world's largest functional brain model and large-scale, real-time hardware simulations rely on the same mathematical and neuromorphic methods.
Neuromorphic computer vision: overcoming 3D limitations »

Ryad Benosman

A complete stereovision event-based framework to compute depth uses the output of two asynchronous, stimulus-based silicon retinas.
Modern classical conditioning: replacing a learning circuit in the brain »

Simeon A. Bamford and Paolo Del Giudice

A programmable chip can replace the ability of the cerebellum to learn a timed eye-blink response to a sound.
Frontiers in neuromorphic engineering »

Giacomo Indiveri and Timothy K. Horiuchi

Understanding the computational principles used by the brain and how they are physically embodied is crucial for developing novel computing paradigms and guiding a new generation of technologies that can combine the strengths of industrial-scale electronics with the computational performance of brains.

Learning to correct orientation estimates using spatial memory »

Tarek Massoud and Timothy Horiuchi

A simple learning rule that implements a spatial map can be used for online correction of position estimates in a neuromorphic head direction cell system.


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