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Sensory feedback for body awareness in prosthetic applications »

Alejandro Hernandez Arieta, Konstantinos Dermitzakis, and Dana Damian

With the ability to feel through artificial limbs, users regain more function and increasingly see the prosthetics as parts of their own bodies.
A silicon vocal tract »

and Sunny Bains

Researchers at MIT have developed the first integrated-circuit vocal tract, which could eventually make it's way into high-end PDAs. It's biologically inspired and combined with a bionic-ear processor in a feedback loop. This means it can not only be used...
Flight control in a flapping-wing fruit fly simulator »

Sawyer B. Fuller, Michael Epstein, Stephen Waydo, Will B. Dickson, Andrew D. Straw, Michael H. Dickinson, and Richard M. Murray

A feedback controller closes the loop from vision to wing motion to stabilize forward flight in a simulation of Drosophila Melanogaster.
Analog chip does job of spinal cord for locomotion »

Sunny Bains

While I was at Johns Hopkins University during the summer, I found out about the first demonstration of a new chip that can be used to stimulate locomotion in an animal (tested on a temporarily-paralyzed cat, see right). Unlike previous...
Pinning the tail on the human »

Timothy Horiuchi

Electromyography is used to detect muscle movements to control a new motorized limb.


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