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Wing-wing interactions in dragonfly flight »

Xinyan Deng and Zheng Hu

A pair of robotic wings have been used to investigate why dragonflies use different phase angles for different flight modes.
Flight control in a flapping-wing fruit fly simulator »

Sawyer B. Fuller, Michael Epstein, Stephen Waydo, Will B. Dickson, Andrew D. Straw, Michael H. Dickinson, and Richard M. Murray

A feedback controller closes the loop from vision to wing motion to stabilize forward flight in a simulation of Drosophila Melanogaster.
From spinal cords to sofas »

Sunny Bains

Those of you interested in my last article on central pattern generator chips may also want to read a new piece I've written for EE Times, this time on the use of CPGs in modular robots. It partly covers the...
Analog chip does job of spinal cord for locomotion »

Sunny Bains

While I was at Johns Hopkins University during the summer, I found out about the first demonstration of a new chip that can be used to stimulate locomotion in an animal (tested on a temporarily-paralyzed cat, see right). Unlike previous...
Letting the physics do the thinking »

Sunny Bains

Although I've no doubt that digital computing will be crucial to the development of intelligent robotics, one of my interests is in the other - often neglected - technologies that will also be vital to making it happen. One of these is mechanics...


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