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''Smart'' phones, finally... the Adapteva chip »

Massimiliano Versace

Epiphany, the Adapteva multicore processor, has been designed with the primary goal of accelerating applications in low-power devices such as smartphones and tablets, but also servers (in particular, to reduce monstrous power demands of large servers)...

Multiplier-less reconfigurable architectures for spiking neural networks »

Arfan Ghani

Large numbers of neurons can be implemented on fully-parallel reconfigurable platforms such as FPGAs.
Silicon synapse implements multiple neural computational primitives »

Chiara Bartolozzi and Giacomo Indiveri

A compact analog circuit produces realistic excitatory postsynaptic currents in response to presynaptic action potentials and is compatible with circuits that model plasticity on both short and long time scales.
Growing large-scale cellular arrays of processors »

Gianluca Tempesti

Ideas inspired by the developmental processes of living organisms can help address some issues related to the implementation of next-generation electronics.
Making the best of what you've got »

Sunny Bains

When I discuss analog computation with most people, their instant reaction is to explain to me that there is no such thing as analog. For instance, one of the comments on an earlier post I wrote on analog vision pointed...


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