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Object recognition in mobile robots »

Massimiliano Versace

If you want to design robots able to interact to the real world in a useful way, you will eventually bump into the problem of implementing robust object recognition... This post describes work done the Neuromorphics Lab, using the Cog Ex Machina software platform to recognize objects in an iRobot Create platform.

Adaptive, brain-like systems give robots complex behaviors »

Gennady Livitz, Massimiliano Versace, Anatoli Gorchetchnikov, Heather Ames, Jasmin Léveillé, Ben Chandler, Ennio Mingolla, and Zlatko Vasilkoski

Converging advances in memory, parallel computers, and neural network models will soon allow for systems that can support complicated activities in virtual and robotic agents.
A silicon vocal tract »

and Sunny Bains

Researchers at MIT have developed the first integrated-circuit vocal tract, which could eventually make it's way into high-end PDAs. It's biologically inspired and combined with a bionic-ear processor in a feedback loop. This means it can not only be used...
Audio-visual sensor fusion for object localization »

Vincent Chan

Using the onset time of stimuli, a biologically-inspired system learns to identify the sources of sounds.
Achilles: A robot with realistic legs »

M. Anthony Lewis and Theresa J. Klein

A new robot leg with biarticulate muscles, intended to become the most accurate simulation of a human leg to date, could help unravel how biomechanics and neural computation interact to produce elegant yet efficient movement.


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