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From spinal cords to sofas »

Sunny Bains

Those of you interested in my last article on central pattern generator chips may also want to read a new piece I've written for EE Times, this time on the use of CPGs in modular robots. It partly covers the...
Analog chip does job of spinal cord for locomotion »

Sunny Bains

While I was at Johns Hopkins University during the summer, I found out about the first demonstration of a new chip that can be used to stimulate locomotion in an animal (tested on a temporarily-paralyzed cat, see right). Unlike previous...
Neuromorphic approaches to rehabilitation »

Jason J. Kutch

Actuators controlled by artificial central pattern generators could help spinal-cord injured patients.
Prototyping neural networks for legged locomotion »

Francesco Tenore

New custom aVLSI chips enable many different central pattern generators to be implemented to control robot walking.


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