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''Smart'' phones, finally... the Adapteva chip »

Massimiliano Versace

Epiphany, the Adapteva multicore processor, has been designed with the primary goal of accelerating applications in low-power devices such as smartphones and tablets, but also servers (in particular, to reduce monstrous power demands of large servers)...

An information-theoretic library for the analysis of neural codes »

R. A. A. Ince, C. Bartolozzi, and S. Panzeri

PyEntropy may prove an essential tool for the evaluation, comparison, and parametric analysis of neural networks.
Multipurpose integrated active contact lenses »

Andrew Lingley and Babak Parviz

Electronics, sensors, and communication capabilities will all be embedded in future contact lenses, presenting new opportunities in applications ranging from medicine to virtual reality.
Multiplier-less reconfigurable architectures for spiking neural networks »

Arfan Ghani

Large numbers of neurons can be implemented on fully-parallel reconfigurable platforms such as FPGAs.
Development of a cortically inspired active binocular-vision system »

Bertram Shi

Boards use digital electronics to enable rapid reconfiguration of the processing performed for experimentation with different bio-inspired models.


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