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Modern classical conditioning: replacing a learning circuit in the brain »

Simeon A. Bamford and Paolo Del Giudice

A programmable chip can replace the ability of the cerebellum to learn a timed eye-blink response to a sound.
Multipurpose integrated active contact lenses »

Andrew Lingley and Babak Parviz

Electronics, sensors, and communication capabilities will all be embedded in future contact lenses, presenting new opportunities in applications ranging from medicine to virtual reality.
Neuromorphic robot vision »

Kazuhiro Shimonomura and Tetsuya Yagi

Mixed analog-digital architecture is used to perform real-time binocular disparity computation.
Integrate-and-fire neurons with spike-timing-dependent plasticity »

Giacomo Indiveri

A reconfigurable neural fabric built in VLSI allows the real-time simulation of large networks with complex dynamics.


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