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Brain building 101: advances in large-scale neural simulation »

Chris Eliasmith

The construction of the world's largest functional brain model and large-scale, real-time hardware simulations rely on the same mathematical and neuromorphic methods.
''Smart'' phones, finally... the Adapteva chip »

Massimiliano Versace

Epiphany, the Adapteva multicore processor, has been designed with the primary goal of accelerating applications in low-power devices such as smartphones and tablets, but also servers (in particular, to reduce monstrous power demands of large servers)...

Analyzing spike-timing-dependent plasticity in recurrent neuronal networks »

Matthieu Gilson, Anthony Burkitt, David Grayden, Doreen Thomas, and Leo van Hemmen

A mathematical framework is being used to investigate the learning dynamics induced by a class of biologically realistic synaptic plasticity rules in recurrently connected neuronal networks.
Advancing neuroimaging research with predictive multivariate pattern analysis »

Yaroslav O. Halchenko and Michael Hanke

PyMVPA, a novel Python-based framework for multivariate pattern analysis, facilitates the application of statistical learning methods to neural data.
A common language for neuronal networks in software and hardware »

Andrew Davison, Eilif Muller, Daniel BrĂ¼derle, and Jens Kremkow

A new interface allows simulations to be run without modification in multiple software simulators and neuromorphic hardware, greatly simplifying translation and cross-validation of models.


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