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Simeon A. Bamford and Paolo Del Giudice

A programmable chip can replace the ability of the cerebellum to learn a timed eye-blink response to a sound.

Ralph Etienne-Cummings

Applications are invited for a three-week summer workshop that will be held in Telluride, Colorado from Sunday July 1st - Saturday July 21st, 2012. This three-week intensive workshop and is intended to promote interaction between senior and junior researchers; educate new members of the community; introduce new enabling fields and applications to the community; promote on-going collaborative activities emerging from the Workshop, and promote a self-sustaining research field.

Giacomo Indiveri

Themes will include cortical development, multi-scale neural circuit experimental and modeling approaches, state-dependent computation, brain-machine interfaces, VLSI implementations of neural processing systems, plasticity in real and silicon neural systems, memristive devices and phase-change materials, and of course cognitive behaving neuromorphic systems.

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Giacomo Indiveri

Job opening for a post-doctoral position at the Institute of Neuroinformatics, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich

Stefan Scholze, Stefan Schiefer, Johannes Partzsch, Stephan Hartmann, Christian Georg Mayr, Sebastian Höppner, Holger Eisenreich, Stephan Henker, Bernhard Vogginger, and Rene Schüffny

We present a high-speed communication infrastructure for a waferscale neuromorphic system, based on application-specific neuromorphic communication ICs in an field programmable gate arrays (FPGA)-maintained environment. The overall so-called pulse communication subgroup (ICs and FPGA) delivers a factor 25–50 more event transmission rate than other current neuromorphic communication infrastructures.

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